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Editorial: Peter Hotez´s book “Vaccines did not cause Rachel’s autism”

10:22 pm

Vaccines did not cause Rachel’s autism.

Author: Peter J. Hotez


Clic here for PDF Document: Editorial Hotez Book – ANM
Alberto E. Paniz Mondolfi MD., PhD
Bulletin of the National Academy of Medicine
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Venezuela epidemics: From measles to malaria.

8:05 pm

Original Source: Outbreak News – Full text link

February 15th , 2019
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Venezuela epidemics: From measles to malaria with Dr. Alberto Paniz-Mondolfi

Venezuela’s tumbling economy and authoritarian rule have precipitated an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

The country is now experiencing a more than 1 million percent inflation, healthcare is in crisis with the exodus of biomedical scientists and qualified healthcare professionals.
More than 280,000 children are at risk for death from severe malnutrition and according to the last official nationwide epidemiologic bulletin, published in 2016, infant and maternal mortality had […]

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