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Your contribution to our team has a social impact in research, field trips, and laboratory activities. Directly, it allows to increase the short, medium, and large benefits our projects have towards the most vulnerable communities in Venezuela. You can contribute with supplies or through our bank accounts indicated below

Your donation will contribute to purchasing the following:

For any research group, biologic samples represent one of the most cherished treasures; isolating and preserving microorganisms (e.g. viruses, bacteria, and fungi) is the first checkpoint of all scientific breakthroughs in the field of infectious diseases. The Venezuelan Science Incubator's liquid nitrogen tank has allowed us to properly store and preserve more than 400 biologic samples, becoming one of the largest in vivo repositories of infectious disease outbreaks and epidemics in the country. If you wish to directly contribute with our scientific work, please consider donating for the acquisition of liquid nitrogen. Every liter counts.

Euler Mogollón Rodríguez
Euler Mogollón Rodríguez

Chagas Network | Leishmania Network | Editorial Committee of the Bulletin of the National Academy of Medicine of Venezuela

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