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Mission, Vision and Values


We are a non-profit institution dedicated to promoting and encouraging national and international research, specifically in the field of infectious and zoonotic diseases emerging and remerging, in conjunction with the collaboration of an interdisciplinary team of students, both health professionals and scientists.

The Venezuelan Science Incubator was born with a vision that is highly scientific and has a social impact in health care in the field of various pathologies, mainly infectious diseases. This impact is aimed at the population that is socially and economically limited in our country. Likewise, our contributions in research seek for innovation and growth in scientific matters.



To be a leading institution in scientific Research and Development (R&D) through excellent academic training of young people and research professionals in the development of diagnostic mechanisms, therapeutic alternatives and innovative contributions in the field. Through the scientific contributions, the institution seeksto improve the health of the affected population.

To train future generations of professionals, with the latest generation of technological tools and resources,to contribute efficiently in the economic and social development of the country.



  • Encourage and implement strategies for the consolidation of a solid intellectual culture.
  • Promote and encourage scientific research in all academic fields.
  • Maintain innovative projects that involve joint participation to address the various problems in the scientific area.
  • Support and motivate the various academic institutions to promote a research culture.
  • Disseminate the importance of scientific research in different institutions.
  • Create an atmosphere of leadership, responsibility, and solid bioethical principles.
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