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Research Networks

We are leading a major effort to carry out a number of translational research and patient care projects in context of Venezuela’s ongoing humanitarian crisis. Our main lines of research comprise:

  1. The study of natural history and pathogenesis of arboviral diseases (such as Dengue, Chikungunya, Zika, Mayaro, Oropouche and Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis).
  2.  The eco-epidemiological aspects and phylogenetics of endemic trypanosomatid infections such as Chagas Diseases and Leishmaniasis; 3. The implementation of novel therapeutic approaches to treat these endemic neglected tropical diseases.

We have pioneered in empowering citizens through science by implementing a variety of “citizen science” projects as a tool for resilience aimed to building a longstanding sanitary and educational intervention in remote rural and resource-poor communities.

Since its foundation, the Venezuelan Science Incubator has ventured into various lines of research within the field of Tropical Medicine, contagious infectious diseases and emerging and reemerging epidemics, among which are highlighted:

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