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Zoonoses Research Network

This study focuses on the characterization of the eco-epidemiological profile of Chagas disease transmission in endemic areas of central-western Venezuela, with particular interest in the association of active transmission with vectors and domestic and synantropic reservoirs and how they link trough wild (sylvatic), peri-domestic and domestic cycles.

The uptake of patients is of vital importance for the study of infectious and zoonotic diseases

Zooscience –a citizen science approach to zoonoses-

The goal of the Zooscience project is to empower local communities through educational projects aimed to implement community-based epidemiological surveillance programs under the “Citizen Science” concept. Such community-led initiatives along with the support of our multidisciplinary team enable local and national authorities to strengthen the national surveillance and control programs for zoonotic diseases as well as to build up a more robust system for integrated surveillance.

Zoonotic Diseases Epidemiology

This project aims to map in detail the epidemiology of the zoonotic diseases in the tristate area (Lara, Portuguesa and Yaracuy) and determine potential risk factors from data collected in the field, as well as to obtain high quality baseline epidemiological data on the prevalence and incidence of zoonotic infections.

The taking of samples of suggestive lesions makes it possible to reliably discard or verify the presence of pathogens in domestic and wild animals.

We also focus on developing effective modeling systems for zoonotic disease risks in order to identify and quantify risk factors for presence of zoonotic infections, as well as to predict and aid on the rapid detection of potential disease outbreaks.

Patient with lesion suggestive of mucocutaneous leishmaniasis on the left and confirmation on a smear of the lesion in which amastigotes of Leishmania spp are perceived within a macrophage.

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